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February/March 2014


From the Editor
   'Animal-lovers' not created equal

Beastly Blotter

   Feral cat policy, March elections,
   prairie dogs, horse-year events

In the Village
   The flipside of 'animal-friendly'

Anima Mundi

Ask a Lawyer
   Zoos bound only by basic standards

Ask a Dog Trainer
   Are you in or out?

Tails from the Trail
   It's the Year of the Horse

Ask a Horse Trainer
   Work on horse posture

Kat's Korner
   Rescuer or hoarder?

Winging It
   The wayward chick

Happy Tails
   The perfect habitat

Ask a Vet
   Poison jerky treats?

A Large Charge
Even part-time buffalo wrangling makes for an all-consuming responsibility

Brother Predator
It's an animal that everyone seems to have an opinion about. But who really knows them?

A Love Mirrored
Our animals don't just give unconditionally, says one expert. They offer us a reflection of ourselves
By Marta Williams