August/September 2014


From the Editor
Head or heart?

In the Village
Corrales shelter seeks input

A Friend to Animals
Martha Kennedy paints beauty in the beast


Ask a Lawyer
Traps still allowed

Ask a Dog Trainer
Basic training rules

Winging It
Mosquitoes in my freezer

Happy Tails
All dogs benefit from swimming

Kat's Korner
Cats cannot be vegetarian


Throwing the Book at Abusers
Law students spark idea for Albuquerque animal court
By Teri Pierce

On the Trail of iAnimal
Armies of science buffs are expanding the world of research via the online movement known as citizen science

The Real Reasons People Give Up Their Pets
Americans are more bonded with their animals than ever before. So why are shelters full of the no-longer-loved?

A Boy and a Wolf
An encounter at age 7 launches a Facebook outreach with 2,000 followers
By Paula Nixon

cover shot AugSept14
cover shot AugSept14