From the Editor
  A relucant rescuer

Beastly Blotter
Shepherdess no more, ASPCA helps Abq, Corrales shelter moving forward, animal events

In the Village
A beastly bruising


Ask a Lawyer
Plan ahead to travel overseas with pets

Ask a Dog Trainer
Dogs do need leaders

Ask a Horse Trainer
Un-natural horsemanship

Winging It
The clever crow and credulous canine

Kat's Korner
Alternative health choices expanding

Ask a Vet
Rx for a lonely horse


We Got Some Chickens
A city boy embarks on a manly adventure
By Cory Campbell

Dodging Death
Rural shelters used to give stray pets a one-way ticket to heaven. Now they're being escorted to a kinder, safer haven: Colorado.

Calving Season
A poem
By Lisa Hight

Women Cuddling Animals
Gentle women and wild animals have been linked in myth and fable. Simply put, men hunt wild animals, and women cuddle them.
By Sasha Archibald