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In July 2010, I began publishing a bimonthly tabloid about animals. Yes, in the last days of print journalism.


Burger meals for grownups (March 2010)

Great garbanzos (Jan 2010)

Noodle craft for novices (with following)

How to make your own Asian noodles (Aug 2009)

Pinch-hitting for penny pinchers (with following)

Best cooks master art of substitution (April 2009)

Sweet equation (with following)

Substitutions satisfy sweet tooth (Feb 2009)

Sushi the earth can sustain (Jan 2009)

Just add water (Nov 2008)

Any time's right for Pesto (with following)

Perfect for Pesto (Aug 2008)

Good stuff (with following)

Peppers, properly packed (June 2008)

Getting a handle on dinner (April 2008)

Flavor boosters! (March 2008)

Time's ripe for local fare (Jan 2008)

Native feast (Nov 2007)

The choice is clear (April 2007)

Cellophane noodles offer many dietary advantages

Shirataki stirs craving in West

Shioyaki (March 2007)

Natto! Or not (Jan 2007)

Natto meets bacillus at Aloha Tofu factory

Get fed with fiddleheads (July 1999)

Tropical tonic (June 1999)

The carefree crop (Sept 1998)

Breadfruit (Sept 1997)


Tastes like home, wherever that is at the moment (Sept 2007)

Women can affect appetite for war (Sept 2004)

Yoga skills no game for guys (Aug 2004)

Counting pennies doesn't make cents (July 2004)

Dad instills key values in his girls (June 2004)

Aimless shopping helps buy us mental privacy (June 2004)

Nearly everyone is addicted to something (May 2004)

Forget phony "family values" (April 2004)

Weddings come around once, like funerals (March 2004)

When a woman needs to unwind, there's only one way (Jan 2004)

Contrasts make life interesting (Dec 2003)

Life sometimes needs "oh-so-bad-girl" days (Nov 2003)

Stand by your country music (Oct 2003)

Gym class exercises belief that winning is everything (Sept 2003)

Men talk about feelings -- if they involve food (Aug 2003)

Having an open mind keeps us from growing old (July 2003)

Rethink if pessimism wards off disaster (July 2003)

You can add meaning without adding children (June 2003)

Take a risk if you want to live life with passion (May 2003)

Road map to self-realization unfolds with gas pedal (April 2003)

Myth of submissive Asian ensnares unsuspecting (March 2003)

Analyzing every morsel too much food for thought (Feb 2003)

Popular girls have all the luck (Jan 2003)

Young-looking not what it's cracked up to be (Dec 2002)

Flying solo lets women glimpse potential (Nov 2002)

Choice of clothing helps us figure out who we are (Oct 2002)

In psychic's chair, you control your destiny (Sept 2002)

Housecleaning is "civilized," but is it worth the effort? (Aug 2002)

Waves provide a refuge from responsibility (July 2002)

In the pursuit of love, perhaps men are the romantics (July 2002)

Men's magazines jump on bandwagon of superficiality (June 2002)

General features:

Santeros in a time of few saints (May 2011)

Fritz Scholder in Galisteo (Summer 2010)

Vanishing Point (May 2010)

Art of Living (April 2010)

Glass: Alliance for an Art Form (Sept 2009)

The Place of Taos Pueblo (Spring 2009)

Animals: Fact and Folklore (Aug 2008)

At the Case Trading Post (Aug 2008)


Going Places (short travel articles, 2010)

Weekend Getaways (2010)

White Magic (travel/outdoor, Jan 2009)

Cycling the Gila (June 2008)


Sandoval Signpost Featured Artist (I have been writing these every month since Oct 2007)

Knocking on Heaven's Door (Aug 2008)

Michael Sanchez: law by day, music by night (May 2008) (see p. 15)

Bassett helps writers to blossom (March 2008)

A shipbuilder in the desert (March 2008)

Nan Elsasser occupies an alternate universe (Feb 2008)

The product of balance (Jan 2008)

Her strength is in her curiosity (Sept 2006)

They called him "Father Tom" (May 2006)

"We're still here" (April 2005)

Art writing:

Santeros in a time of few saints (Spring 2011)

Serious fun (Spring 2011)

Historical identity (Hawaiian portraits show) May 2007)

Artist, administer synesthesia (Review of "What Sound Does a Color Make?") (March 2007)

Beyond the photographic (Kurokawa, Forsberg review) (Feb 2007)

"I'm interested in how people get 'read'" (Geoffrey Chadsey review) (Dec 2006)

Art divines wellsprings of calamity ("Reconstructing Memories" review) (Nov 2006)

"Atmosphere of nostalgia" (Won Ju Lim review)(Oct 2006)

UH faculty art finds strength in restraint (Oct 2006)

Exhibit captures South African individualism (March 2006)

Alternative to "Geisha" takes realistic look at stereotypes (Bjorn Melhus review) (Jan 2006)

Independent spirit (Shepard Fairey review) (Nov 2005)

Creole hula (July 2005)

Sincere experimentation (TCM Biennial review) (July 2005)

Free expression (Artists of Hawaii review) (June 2005)

Beyond cute (Yoshitomo Nara review) (April 2005)

Neo look (Neo Rausch review) (Feb 2005)

One man's war against "eye candy" (Feb 2005)

Art features:

Sowing the seeds of awareness (Nov 2006)

Kailua's artistic visionaries (Jan 2006)

Shared perspectives (Sept 2005)


Fiddling while New Mexico burns (Nov 2007)

Travel Management Plan worries Pathways (March 2008)