Aug. 23 – Sept. 22


Your athletic Virgo is the one animal in the household who actually enjoys being washed, groomed, clipped, or taken to the vet. His love of cleanliness and order extends to everything in his environment, including you. Virgo demands that his space and time be well organized—else he can become irritable or moody. He is especially troubled by any kind of discomfort or chaos, so give him a steady routine of useful work, and he will repay you by striving to be the perfect helper—as long as you don’t step out of line, either. Virgo loves getting praise from you for her quick learning, but she is not particularly affectionate otherwise. Basically independent and demanding, she can be standoffish to animals who try to share her toys, space, or food. When Virgo gets fussy or nervous, the best thing is to leave her alone in the garden, where she can have some alone time to watch the birds, groom herself, and figure out how to help you become a more perfect companion.



Sept. 23 – Oct. 22


Libra is probably the best-loved animal in your home, since she is good-looking, charming, graceful, and works her lovely seductive eyes to convince everyone to put aside differences and be friends. This is the animal that will try to prevent others from arguing or fighting, using her talent at persuasion to put things right. Her love of harmony makes her a great pack animal, as she will strive to fit in to the point of mimicking others. Libra is self-indulgent, however, and adores attention and affection from all the creatures in his world. He loves good food, fine things, and pleasant company, and can be infuriatingly finicky and stubborn if he doesn’t get his way. Sometimes listless and indecisive, this animal can get himself into scrapes in his hunt for a more beautiful situation—including prowling for the opposite sex. This also means Libra will not be happy alone for long, since his balance is maintained by being at the center of a lively, peaceful, fun family.