‘Animal communicators’ take a different approach


Wendy and Lane Nadler practice a spiritual form of healing called Reiki that originated in Japan in 1922. Lane is a third-degree Reiki Master, while Wendy has worked as a psychic for nearly 40 years. Their alternative healing business, Clairvue (clairvuepsychicreadings.com), operated in Corrales until 2009; they now work out of their home in the Corrales Heights subdivision of Rio Rancho. As with most alternative and so-called Oriental medicine disciplines, Reiki is not acknowledged to be effective by western science, yet it is an increasingly popular form of therapy for both humans and animals. Curious about the growing field of animal communicators and whisperers so often depicted in Hollywood
films, The Bosque Beast chatted briefly with the brother-sister team to get the inside story.
Following is a paraphrase of our conversation.

When, or why, would someone bring an animal to see you?

Many people in this area work with animal rescue, and often they would like to know more about an animal’s history, especially if it is reacting to the new environment. We have worked on all kinds of pets and farm animals, including ducks, gerbils, sheep, and birds.

People also call when their animals are injured and in pain, or close to death, to help ease the transition. And often animals have emotional issues that show up as behavior problems. The work we do is not just healing, but understanding what an animal is feeling.

How can you tap in to what an animal is feeling?

Wendy has done psychic work since she was a child. We work together. First we get grounded and clear—this is very important, to get yourself out of the way first. Then we connect with God and ask for healing energy. We open our hearts and not our brains. And the animals love it; for them it’s being loved.

Animals are not like humans—they’re open to giving information, dogs and horses especially. They want to get well. If it’s an emotional problem, we communicate with them about the problem. It’s a conversation with their spirit, or soul. We can also see in their bodies where there is an energy blockage, and ask that healing energy go where it is needed. Wendy, because she is psychic, can direct healing energy to a specific area, as well as analyze where the blockage is coming from.

You must come across a lot of skepticism.

We have had a lot of success, which is why people call us back. We worked on two horses in Corrales for a couple of years that had Cushings Disease, which causes such pain in the hooves that they cannot walk. There is no cure. One horse we worked on completely turned around. We found it wanted to go to pasture even though it could barely walk, and then it was trotting around. We’ve had many dogs who were sick and in pain recover energy after a session. We had one guy tell us he was an empiricist and didn’t believe in psychic energy, but he said afterward that he had to admit his dog was changed.

It looks like we’re doing nothing, because it’s energy work. And it’s not us doing it—that’s very important. It’s really God’s energy. Reiki means “universal life energy.” Sometimes we do healing from a distance, which is not an obstacle when you are working with energy. The laws of Newtonian physics do not apply in this work.

Does this healing take the place of veterinary medicine?

We always tell people, don’t call us instead of the vet. It’s supplemental treatment, not to take the place of medicine. And people often call us when the vet has not been able to help. We recommend that people have healings regularly to keep their animals healthy. Humans tend to
wait until something goes wrong to come see us. But if you have us check in with an animal regularly, you’ll notice it’s calmer and healthier. If you have behavioral issues with a pet, come see us first, because we can talk to the animal. Each animal has specific things it wants to say. They’re intelligent and sensitive—sometimes they are reacting to energy or spirits that humans cannot sense. So we say the healing is for when something is wrong, and for when nothing is wrong.