Recent artwork

Dear Diary, ceramic, about 16"

Artist's manifesto
Not to make artwork that can be used to testify to the wealth and good taste of its owner, but that raises the possibility of derision because of its rawness -- by which I do not mean the violence and brutality that is everywhere approved these days, but rather the raw hopefulness of childhood. Only its sympathizers will recognize that this work is not at all na´ve.

Artemis & the Bear, ceramic and mixed media, 22.5"

This is a piece about Desire, in its female manifestation.

For many years I worshipped Artemis, the virgin huntress. The scene behind her is post-Katrina.

He Said, She Said #3

Another in a series exploring the differences between the male and female world view.


This is my first attempt at mosaic, which is just me walking my dog in Corrales.