Your Scorpio Pet

(Oct. 22-Nov. 21)

Beautiful, deep, and intense, your Scorpio animal gives youthe unsettled feeling of being a bit of a mind-reader. Youwill sometimes find him perfectly still, observing and seemingto analyze the situation. Often small and compact, thisanimal is at once charismatic and emotionally aloof—not acuddler by any means. She takes everything a bit too seriously,even fun and games, especially when it comes to hidingsomething or digging up what you’ve hidden. Thatmeans she will also remember incidents of mistreatmentor kindness for a devilishly long time. A natural loner, she rebels ferociously whenforced, and will put all her cleverness to work on a devious way out. This is an animalthat really needs her space, and all the other animals are a bit afraid of her, actually,as she considers most of them silly and irritating. Yet, she can be terribly loyal and
possessive of you, once she has seen into the depths of your soul.

Your Sagittarius Pet
(Nov. 22–dec. 21)

This happy, playful animal probably makes you laugh withher mischievous antics. intelligent and curious, she is likelyto wander into trouble when young, though her composureimproves with age. Sagittarius is born to run, so this animalwill be the first to wander off if someone leaves a gate open—though he will wander back after satisfying his curiosity.Strong and physically active, he has a big appetite for adventure,making him the perfect companion for an energetic
child. dogs and cats born under this sign will dart off afterany critter that offers chase, but they are more interested in the fun than the fight,and reluctant to kill. in fact, they rarely tussle with fellow creatures at all, thoughthey can get quite loud and mad if provoked. good-natured most of the time, thisspirited pet actually responds quite well to training because he is eager to please—aslong as you give him plenty of opportunities to explore on his own.