Anyone who knows the mayor’s dog will immediately recognize Wilbur,* who is more properly the constant companion of Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer, honored by her twice in clay. The distinctive Bassett Hound/Dalmatian is one in an ever-expanding menagerie of comical, muscular creatures sculpted by Roumell-Gasteyer and painted on her handthrown, gas-fired stoneware. Originally from Michigan, she taught art in Washington, D.C., and worked primarily in fiber arts until moving to Corrales in 1991 and switching definitively to clay. Philip Gasteyer followed six years later, becoming mayor of Corrales in 1996. Roumell-Gasteyer and two fellow artists founded the cooperative Corrales Bosque Gallery in 1994. A perennially popular stop on the Corrales Art Studio Tour, she also shows her work at Taos Blue Gallery and Blue Dome Gallery in Silver City. Contact: 897-0089,

*He will also be familiar to anyone who saw the limited-run “sample” issue of The Bosque Beast